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This is the age of technology and most people work on digital devices. Modern users prefer to use their smartphones or other devices to handle their business work, process data, send, receive information or surf the net. All organizations run their business online. Therefore, it is most important to enable 24/7 presence. For this reason, all business owners use

to make their online visibility viable. Similarly, website evaluation methods and software are changing every day.

What is ipts?

Now you don't have to wait for months in the presence of ipts. Get 100% Results from SEO Services. It is one of the effective software used to increase the traffic of a particular website. It is an easy-to-use tool that most SEOs use to improve their website traffic. For all organizations that want their online visibility, it is the best tool to drive traffic, conversations, leads and engagement. These essential elements measure online success. If you want to amplify these techniques without any equipment, then it is not possible. Improve the result of your services by increasing the ranking of your website

All organizations these days are trying to gather leads by implementing information gathering banners or outdated pop-ups. These things are not suitable because it annoys the visitor. To enhance the user experience, you can use this tool to implement more than one page. It's a great way to increase traffic and bounce rates.

Ipts Ipts stands for Internet Protocol Address traffic spirit or IP traffic search. The meaning of ipts is the same as searching the Internet with different IP addresses, but the main concept that most website owners and SEOs are looking for is different. The concept that SEOs are looking for is usually to increase the number of hits from different IP addresses for free.

To better explain ipts, we will give you a simple example to better understand its meaning.

Let's say you own a web design and development site where your site is ranked 5th in user search results and you want to move down from that 5th position to a lower ranking such as 4th or 3rd. For this job, you ask your friends and employees to access your website for ten days at different intervals with different IP addresses to eventually lower your website's ranking in the search results to get better positions. This is called ipts. Ipts is actually a website record through Google search.

Promotes potential customers

Ipts works by bringing more and more leads to your business. There is no doubt that getting promising leads is a challenging task. With the help of this software, you can access 98 percent of your website visitors. It is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to get more customers easily. It connects your customers to your Google Analytics account and brings information about your visitors. This way you don't have to search for your customer data. It's great for most users who want to access their clients quickly

It advertises your business

All businesses need to gain industry recognition. For this purpose, the use of commercial advertisements is highly effective. You don't need to use different methods to promote your business on sites like Google and Facebook as this can increase your advertising costs. Now click on it and get the results as per your expectations. This way you can save money and time.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Each person must stay on the web page for at least 40 seconds after entering the page and then leave the page.
  • Everyone who enters the web page must click on one of the links.
  • Remember that every day and every hour the site should not be accessed by the same person with the same IP address, and people should do it with different IP addresses and so on.
  • This should be done for at least ten days at different intervals. To get better results, it is better to continue this work for a month.
  • There must be a balance between the number of people doing it. It shouldn't happen that 100 people do it in one day and nobody does it for a week.
  • It is better for people not to close pages immediately after entering the pages and to use other bookmarks to enter other pages. It is better not to close the site for a while and not to leave the user so that the user stays there longer.

Disadvantages of ipts

There are also disadvantages of using ipts which can have a bad effect on SEO instead of good. The disadvantages of using ipts are as follows:

  • If you use this method to grow your site and improve your search engine rankings, you may be misled into continuing your journey and strategy into thinking that you have achieved your site growth with this step and no other steps. You may not be able to do anything useful to grow and improve your site.
  • In many cases, doing ipts on keyword may not be effective and after doing this site will face reduced traffic and traffic.
  • The people you ask to do it for you may not do the job properly or do it incompletely, which will have a bad and negative effect on your website's SEO instead of a good and positive effect.
  • In many cases it may have no effect.


  • In some cases, keywords that have good internal SEO, good external SEO, professional link building with ipts will increase its good and positive results.
  • If you do this and use the ipts trick, your website will rank well in Alexa as well.
  • The use of this trick is very hidden and not detectable at all and your competitors cannot find out that you have used this method to increase traffic and improve your site's position in search results.
  • The cost of this is much less than other tricks and methods. It doesn't really require a lot of money. You can do this trick with some programs or ask several friends and team members to do it at intervals with different IP addresses. It might cost a little to use the app, but it won't cost anything if your team members do.

What do ipts have to do with SEO?

Since ipts provides traffic and traffic to your website through Google results and search results, with every increase in traffic and traffic to the website, the SEO of the website becomes stronger and has a very good effect on it.

In this case, when several different people with different IP addresses enter and visit the website at different intervals for, say, a month, search engines and optimization tools think that the website is popular among users. It is useful for users and therefore it will place the site in better search positions next time.

So by using this method, website traffic and traffic can be increased and by doing the ipts trick, the optimization engines will rank the website at the top of the rankings because they think that the website is useful for the users.


traffic spirit:

It is one of the software used to increase traffic using ipts method and trick. With this software you enter your website address and by making some settings you can easily increase your website traffic and improve your website ranking in search results.

Features of the traffic spirit program:

1- Visiting a website with different IP addresses:

When using this software to increase traffic and traffic to your site, all IP addresses of your site visitors are real. In fact, users will visit your site with different IP addresses and they themselves will use this program and trick to increase their site traffic. In this way, all people who use this program visit the pages in this program, so that other people can visit their pages with a real IP address. So when you use this program, you will also visit other people's sites.

2- The ability to determine the duration of each IP address of the website:

You can determine the duration of each IP address with this program to increase traffic and improve the ranking of your site in search results. For example, you can set the duration of each IP address between 20 and 120 seconds, which will also lower the Alexa rating.

3- Possibility to visit more than one page according to each IP address:

In order for each IP address to visit your website more than one page, you can use this program to specify a subpage for each visit, in which case each IP address will visit more than one page of your website, which increases the number of pages visited on the website is effective for SEO and on the other hand, it also increases the user's time on the site.

4- Ability to specify the visited area:

With this program, you can even determine who visits this website and pages from which areas, and you can also set a limit for them on which areas can visit your website pages and which areas cannot see your pages.

5- Possibility to specify the viewing platform:

It is safe With this program, you can even determine which platform users are visiting your website and pages through. For example, using mobile phone platform and with what operating system or using desktop computers and laptops. You can even specify the browser type in this option.

Is it safe to use Traffic Spirit?

There are different types of tools that can help SEO professionals improve their website traffic. Professionals interested in traffic robots and traffic software can use this tool. It is a great software to improve your website traffic. Using these types of tools is highly safe and secure to increase the number of users.

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