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Djokovic Relishing Chance To Make More History

News LandingLatestOff CourtMore Djokovic Enjoys The Opportunity To Make More History Novak Djokovic will face Nick Kyrgios in the Wimbledon final on Sunday. © Shaun Botterill / Getty Images

Serbs want 21st Grand Slam Prominent player Novak Djokovic has revealed that he is welcoming the opportunity to make history at Wimbledon this weekend after defeating Cameron Norrie and reaching the 32nd Grand Slam final.

The 35-year-old is aiming for Wimbledon's seventh and 21st major trophies as he aims to close the gap on Rafael Nadal who has won 22 Grand Slam titles.

“I know what's on the line. Every game, every Grand Slam I get to play in this phase of my career, has a lot more to come, ”Djokovic told a news conference after the game. “I don't know how many Grand Slam chances I have to win the trophy as I will get it in a few days. So, of course, I approach it with [good] character and confidence and determination to win. There is no doubt about it. ”

The Serbian international, who has admitted that he enjoyed reaching the finals, will face Australia's Nick Kyrgios in a tournament match.

It will be Kyrgios' first time in the Grand Slam final, but Djokovic knows the challenge he will face for Kyrgios, the 27-year-old leading 2-0 in the ATP Head2Head series.

“The experience I have at this level, playing in the finals with someone who has never played in the Grand Slam finals, can benefit me a bit. But at the same time, knowing who he is and how he goes about his tennis and his attitude on the field, he doesn't seem to be under a lot of pressure, ”said Djokovic.

“He plays the lights every time he goes out on the field. He just [has] a lot of power in his performance and his game. So I'm sure you'll go with it. No doubt you will be angry. I expect him to do that. ”

World No. 40 has won victories over all the 'Four Great' (Djokovic, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray) in his career. It is a record Djokovic knows.

“He is a great player. When you see his work, the best tennis he has ever played is always against the best boys, ”said Djokovic. “That is why we all respect him, because we know what he can come up with. It will be an exciting [game]. ”

By defeating Norrie at the Center Court, Djokovic improved his Wimbledon record 85-10, surpassing Jimmy Connors' record of 84-18. World No. 3 is happy with the way he was able to gain momentum after a little start.

“I felt like I was keeping my focus. I sat down, I didn't play well, I felt good, but somehow I was able to turn the game around, "said Djokovic.

“You can see today on the pitch that you have thrown in the towel a few times and when I came in I started to control the speed of the game, alternating from base to base. He was asking for the support of the crowd and he was getting it.

“It was not easy to close the game. Even though I was separated by a fourth, I felt like I was always being chased by him from the beginning of the set when I took that break. I felt a great pressure to work for it. But I did well. I think if you work well, it becomes a great relief to these types of situations, these types of matches. It really helps to play on the grass. ”
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