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Arsenal signed a huge contract with Gucci for 25 years

Arsenal's Leah Williamson has signed a massive deal with international fashion house Gucci, which will apparently send her personal fortune skyrocketing.

Arsenal defender and England captain Leah Williamson has signed a lucrative contract with Gucci.

Williamson was the guest of honor at Gucci's Cosmogonie catwalk in Castel Del Monte in Puglia in May, adding to her deal with Pespi and Nike.

An unnamed insider told the Daily Star: “Leah is extremely marketable. She's super-glam and has already caught the eye of Gucci, who sees huge value in her.

"Other big fashion houses are looking at her. He's going to make an absolute fortune."

Williamson has been with Arsenal since 2006, when she joined the club's Center of Excellence at the age of nine.
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