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Rambo Straight Forward Hindi Movie Download (रेमबो स्ट्रेट फॉरवर्ड हिन्दी मूवी डाउनलोड)

Santhu Straight Forward is a 2016 Indian Kannada-language action comedy film directed by Mahesh Rao and produced by K. Manju

.[3] The film features Yash and Radhika Pandit with Shaam in a negative role.[4] The music is composed by V. Harikrishna.[5][6][7] The film was dubbed in Hindi as Rambo Straight Forward and in Tamil as Sooryavamsi.[8] The makers had clarified that the movie was inspired by the 2015 Tamil movie Vaalu.[9][10] Producer Manju had bought the remake rights of the Tamil film earlier.[11]

The movie begins with Deva (Shaam) where his deadly gangster life is being showcased also locking horns with a Dubai based gangster in a real estate issue. Then the movie shifts to Santhu ((Yash) a straight forward guy and a daring guy who is loved by his family. One day, he falls in love with a girl named Ananya (Radhika Pandit) an architecture student. Initially, he befriends Ananya to woo her and after few days he gets to know that she is engaged to Deva because that was her dead parents' wish. Though she loves him she keeps him avoiding. How Santhu wins back his love by confronting Deva is shown in a comical way.



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